Building A Child Safe Home

If you are currently building your first home and you are a parent, you will need to make certain that your home is one hundred percent child safe. Most parents make the mistake of not paying attention to this when building their homes only to face terrible consequences. There are many things that you will need to think about when building a home as a parent such as safe doorways, safe staircases and making sure that your home is secure from the main road and fast moving vehicles. In addition to this, you need to design your home in a way that there are no sharp falls, sharp objects and no hazardous substances in your child’s way. 

The importance of parapet walls

One of the most common accidents that occur in families and homes is children and pets running in to the streets while playing. If you are a parent, it is vital that you have garrison fencing Perth around your home or a secure parapet wall that will separate your home and your family from the dangers of the main road. This will also act to keep intruders out of your home and thereby keep yourself and your family safe in more than just one way.

In order to make your home secure, it is important for you to hire a recommended fencing contractor to do your fence so you can be certain that it will be long lasting and hard to break through. Make sure that you check the internet for recommendations of the person that you choose.

Electrical outlets

Another thing that is very dangerous is plug points and electrical outlets being exposed. It is very easy for a child to put their finger in the plug point and get electrocuted and therefore it is vital that you have coverings on each and every plug point that you have in your home and when building your home, place these electrical outlets well above a child’s reach. In addition to this, you will need to build cupboards and storage units above the child’s reach in order to store medication and another for poisonous or hazardous cleaning products. If there are any areas in your home that can result in a fall, make sure that they are well fenced and secured. This includes balconies, staircases, ladders to the roof and other areas. You will need to be very vigilant because you will need to predict potential accidents before they happen. You may not think something could be dangerous at first but it could be.