Driving With Pride Parking In Style

Steadily increasing rate of the middleclass automobile ownership made the residential accommodation of this luxury a necessity to have. Due to the high value of the automobile, it storage had to be in a safe and secure location that was in the open or off the street. However, this was practical only if you can afford to construct an entirely separate structure and had sufficient land space in their property.

One solution was the integration of the garage in to the residence itself. The carports developed as an alternative to the garage for housing the automobile in a residential setting. A predecessor of this may have been the older form of the Porte cochere – a covered entrance large enough for vehicles to pass through; a porch where vehicle stop to set down passengers. In the olden days, it was recognized two distinct advantages to aouter automobile parking space over a garage. First, it was formed that the automobile was a status symbol, a family’s greatest investments. The other reason is the cost of a open parking area being low in comparison to a closed garage space.

The architectural simplicity of outer parking space worked well within the emerging modernist functional aesthetic. There is a wide variety of materials available in the market which can be used to create these open parking spaces. The material can be selected to go with the rest of your existing home environment. These units were also popular due to the flexibility as an outdoor entertainment area when not occupied by the car.

The eternal debate, carports vs. garages is not unusual. It is worth weighing the pros and cons of both. The people who prefer garage are the ones who require greater storage space other than the automobile parking space. The homes that have power tools, ladders, Christmas decoration, extra refrigerator are the ones mostly favoring garages. Also the neighborhood trend where garage adds more value to the property. On the other hand those who have less storage related issues, who is after aesthetics, who needs an additional place to have a party with an outdoor touch tend to prefer these outdoor units. Also building it is far less expensive than building a garage. Fewer materials are required since there are no walls, doors or windows, and that translates to lower labor costs, too. These a relatively simple structures, so they can be built quickly. An experience handyman could probably complete the job in just a couple of weekends. Because it is not considered enclosed or livable space, it is usually easy to get the project approved by your city or town. The guidelines are less stringent (i.e. you won’t be required to build fire-rated walls or ceilings).